The Triangulum led kitchen light is an under cabinet light that is surface mounted. Ideal for task lighting. Diffused leds create a solid light effect with no visible dots. A quality product that fits any style of kitchen.

RRP £25.40


Intuition 24V 15W led Driver with 6 Port Junction Block is needed to work this product.


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Triangulum 24V Triangle led Under Cabinet light Stainless Steel - Natural White

  • Length: 152mm

    Width: 134mm

    Depth: 42mm

    Wattage: 1.85W

    LED Colour: Natural White

    Colour Temperature: 4000K

    Lumens: 100 lm

    Beam Angle: 110 degree

    Finish: Stainless Steel

    Cable Length: 150mm

    Lamp Life: 30,000 hours

    Suitable Drivers: IL101 15W driver

    • Recommended 2 lights per meter.
    • The leds are diffused with a cover that is frosted, for a solid light effect whilst maintaining the brightness of the leds.



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