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How to create the perfect led lighting effects for your living room or bedroom.

5 simple tips to enable you to kit out any space with the perfect type of lighting for tranquillity, calm, reading, entertaining, or highlighting a beautiful picture.

A lot of people hardly think at all about the finishing touches that LED lighting could add to their living room or bedroom design projects or renovations when planning a room. In fact a small amount of LED lighting can just complement perfectly to the star quality finish of a room even with any size budget to work towards.

When choosing lighting for these types of room, you need to think of 2 important things. The functionality of the lighting and the room or furniture décor it is fitting into. It is really important to ensure that your lighting is not only attractive and eye catching to compliment the room, but it needs to be practical also for reading, or watching TV for example.

LED lighting can save a household up to 90% on their lighting energy bills if done correctly. Lights also last on average 15-20 times longer than the old fashioned halogen or incandescent bulbs. Now energy efficient LED bulbs and fittings are being used more and more in everyday households across the world and a key to this success is their ever changing and improving look and suitability to all types and styles of room.

So to get that show stopping look for your perfect retreat, take a look at our top tips to get the style and design suitable for you.

Tip 1: Task Lighting:

Here you can choose all sorts of types of light depending what your favourite room tasks or hobbies are. Be it reading, working on the computer, crafts or writing. Recessed lights are really good especially in a kitchen under cabinets, and can be adapted into the tops of wardrobes, or book cases in the living room with little effort or fitting requirements. At Intuition Lighting, we do lights that can be recessed or surface mounted to suit every type of unit. The spot light effects of our lights, are really striking to accent books in a bookcase, or to show targeted light on displays in a cabinet. Position your lights to avoid glare and shadow when complimented with lamps or larger task lighting in a living room or bedroom. These lights are small but bright, and alone in a room, create a really calm atmosphere of workable light that is not too glaringly bright. If you read a lot you want a more natural white light, as dim warm whites can often strain your eyes. If you have a surround to your bed, you can fit recessed lights into the headboard for example, to target light from above, enabling you to read easier. All our lights are 24 volt for brightness, and natural white kelvin of 4000-4500 to fit into every room colour theme. Particularly good for the top of bookcases or display cabinets is our Digitum light, it can be chained together with a driver at the end of upto 5 lights.

Tip 2: Ambient Lighting

This is the most basic layer of lighting, it simply illuminates and accents a room. You can use ceiling fixtures or recessed lights again here for living spaces. You can replace normal bulbs with LED bulbs or you can buy integrated fixtures. Again here the led colour you choose depends on the room decoration. Our Natural white, or Pure white range of lights again covers all sorts of colour schemes in the room. So there is no need to decide on a very dim warm white, or a sharp and eye sore of cool white light.

Tip 3: Accent Lighting

This can be used to highlight a part of a room, like art or book shelves, a family photo or architectural detail. This can be done however without deviating from the overall light in the room easily. LED lights do not give off much heat so are brilliant for pictures and artwork accenting.

Tip 4: Decorative Lighting

Here you can really have some fun. Decorative lighting adds an extra little diamond touch to the finished look of the room. This type of lighting can include ceiling pendant lights, hanging lamps but also with a little more imagination, flexible strip lighting. Our Aurora flexible strip light is ideal to run around the base of a bed, or inside shelving in built in wardrobes. Run upto 5 meters with 1 driver.




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