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Led Kitchen Lighting Guide

Which Led Lighting is right for my Kitchen?

Well that depends on a few little things. Under cabinet lighting like our Triangulum lights, offer a great downlight under kitchen cabinets. It is advisable to put one light centrally to the back of the unit underneath each cabinet. The triangular shape of these lights then beams down diagonally to show great task lighting effects.

If you prefer, you could fit led strip lights around the base of your lower kitchen cabinet units. Our Aurora led strip lights is ideal as it runs up to 6 meters on one led driver, That is plenty to get around your main kitchen cabinet display.

Or a great way of showing off your kitchen cabinet doors, and whats inside them when opened, is to use our led over cabinet lights Digitum. They can be easily fitted on top of each unit centrally, and can help you see better in each cabinet when you open the doors.

The beauty of it all is that all our led lighting is connectable using the same connections, so you really cant go wrong. It really is all down to preference often. See below for further information on options to consider when installing led kitchen lights.

What about Kitchen Island Lighting? 

Can I fit lighting to my Kitchen Island?

Ideally you want to focus the eye when entering the room on your beautiful kitchen island, as it is often the centre or the heart of the kitchen. Led strip lights are often an ideal way of achieving this. Focus it around the base of your island and hide the led driver inside a cupboard or underneath a kick board. Our Aurora led strip lights are able to be connected up to 6 meters so you can easily cover any size kitchen island with 1 60w led driver. 

Be careful when choosing your flooring if connecting ;ed strip lights to your island base. A dark floor will reflect the light, a light floor absorb it. So it is important to ensure the dazzling effect is shown by the leds. Along with some really elegant hanging pendant lighting above the island, it will look like a million pounds!

Countertops can vary in style and colour.

How will I know my led kitchen lights will suit my countertop?

Different countertops can effect the efficiency of your under cabinet lighting:

Glossy countertops like stone or granite can make the light seem too bright and produce glare. Choose lower lumen lights to reduce this or diffuse the light with a cover for the leds in your fitting. All our products are fitted with diffused covers to bounce the light around better than a light without diffusion.

Matte finish countertops reflect the light smoother so produce less glare, so you can choose a wide range of under cabinet led kitchen lights to suit your style of room.

Light countertops reflect the light, so again require less lumens to achieve a well-lit under cabinet area and lighting effect.

Dark countertops will absorb more of the light that your under cabinet lighting produces. So choose higher lumens per light.

All our lighting specifications include lumens are available on our product pages HERE.

Where to mount under cabinet lighing.

It depends on the led under cabinet light.

Triangular led under cabinet lighting tends to be installed to the back centre of each under cupboard wall unit in the kitchen area. Circular surface mounted or recessed lights tend to be installed to the centre of each under cupboard wall unit in a kitchen.

Led Strip lights can run along the back of the under cupboard wall unit or to the front. Or it can go to the front base of the floor units to run around the plinth of your kitchen. It really is up to you where you place these lights. They are so versatile, they can go anywhere.

Layering lighting up is important to consider when fitting your led kitchen lights. So you can add a variety of task lighting, mood lighting and general focus of light on certain aspects of a perfect kitchen finish.

We also can provide Digitum lights that can go under cabinet or over cabinet for a slightly new and different look to a kitchen. These Digitum led kitchen lights enable you to see inside your wall cupboards and emphasise the front wall unit door finishes brilliantly. Yet they still show enough light to the worktop or under cupboard from their positioning to enable you to also see that part with ease using only 1 type of light.

Led Lighting for your Kitchen & Bedroom Renovations.

The right led lighting in a kitchen and bedroom renovation makes such a difference. This led lighting can often be a key element to really creating something special.

To get it perfect, there are some really easy steps you can take. Here in our  led lighting guide, you can find everything you need to get started. If you have any further questions please do contact 

Decide on your colour: All Intuition Lighting products are currently a kelvin colour temperature of 4000-4500, in Natural White / Pure White. This range looks perfect against blacks, whites, browns, and almost every other colour of kitchen units and work surfaces you can imagine. Therefore Natural White / Pure White is often a preferred choice as opposed to more warm whites of 2700-3200k, or cool whites of 5000-5500k. Once fitted, these warm whites and cool whites can often be too far up/down the colour temperature scale for the kitchen units or work surfaces to look good, and do not compliment them correctly. 



Layer up: Ensure you have different varieties of led Kitchen lights, doing different jobs. You may want task lighting for your under cabinet kitchen units for visibility and focus when working and cooking on your worktops like our Circum surface mounted / recessed led light. You could have led strip lights like our Aurora 120 diode per meter led strip light around the base of the whole kitchen, towards the floor and under cabinet areas. You could have mood lighting pointing up to the ceiling from the tops of the kitchen units.

Led Light levels: Ensure you have the correct levels of light in your renovation. These are called lumens. More modern, slim line contemporary kitchens tend to have lighting on the cooler end of the scale. While traditional kitchens aim for warmer led lighting. This is why our Natural white / Pure White range, covers both these type of warm white and cool white led light in one, and most other styles too in the market today. 450 lumens are the same as an old 40 watt light bulb, 800 lumens are equivalent to a 60 watt light bulb.

Led Drivers: These are often better to plan in the early stages of designing and fitting your led kitchen lights. They are an essential part to the lights working, but can often be bulky and unsightly. They can easily be screwed to any surface, so hidden above or inside the kitchen cabinets. All our led drivers come with no plug, so are able to be hard wired into the wall before adding tiles. We sell extension cables to our led drivers to enable you to hide them as far away from the main units as you need. We can provide 15w or 60w led drivers to cover every sized led kitchen lights project you can think of.

Led Lighting types: There are a variety of different types of led lighting available on the market. Intuition Lighting has captured some of the simplest to install and transform your kitchen or other renovation. Flexible led strip lights add depth and is possible to used anywhere that it can stick to with its self-adhesive tape backing. It is perfect when positioned under work tops, or under cabinet units, on top of any wall cabinet to highlight the ceiling or along plinths. Circular led recessed or surface lighting can be placed on the under cabinet side of the units, or along display shelves to focus light and emphasise a spot in the kitchen. Our triangular surface lighting look great positioned at the under cabinet area too, for an angled light that focuses at the work top for task work like chopping and mixing. Our digit lights can be placed above the doors of a cabinet, to enable you to see inside when you open it, or can (like our triangle and circle lights), be placed on the under cabinet in the kitchen to have the same task lighting effects.

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