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Led Lighting Guide

All the information you need to know about Led Lighting is right here, made simple, and easy to understand.

Halogen Vs LED

Halogen: Currently inexpensive, the halogen light is still being used all over the country, with many households not knowing that soon you will not be able to get these lights anymore. The law is changing due to their inefficiency, high operating temperature, low average lamp life, lack of energy efficiency rating. 

LED: Now ever increasingly being used in households. This is due to their energy efficiency, long life, ability to dim, low maintenance costs, variety of whites available, energy efficiency rating of usually A+.

Natural White Vs Cool White or Warm White Led Lighting Colours

Colour Temperature Explained.

It can be hard to determine whether Natural White  or Pure White led lighting is best compared to Cool White or Warm. But one thing is for certain, it is much easier and simple to choose Natural White / Pure White as your kitchen or bedroom lighting design colour. It is so versatile it covers every type of room colour scheme, from cool colours like granite or black and silver, to warm colours like wood and creams. Without this simple neutral colour, any worktops or units in your room could look drastically different depending on cool or warm and where you focus the light. You would almost need to try them all out. We know that is not easily possible without fitting them. 

Aurora Natural White led strip light with 120 leds per meter (RIGHT)

Cool White led strip light with 90 leds per meter (LEFT)

Aurora is a much brighter natural white / pure white, a less cold colour and more suited to a larger variety of surfaces and units for your kitchen.

Aurora Natural White led strip light with 120 leds per meter (RIGHT)

Warm White led strip light with 90 leds per meter (LEFT)

Aurora is much brighter natural white / pure white, a less warm, yellow colour and more suited to a larger variety of surfaces and units for your kitchen.

Is led lighting easy to install then?

So how do you wire up led lighting up?

It is relatively easy to install led lights in your home or kitchen. Our lights always come with detailed instructions of installation, but we do recommend you use a professional electrician to wire the lights up to the mains power supply. 

All our led lights are easily connected together using our quick connection system that is universal to simply click the appropriate lights desired into the junction port connected to the driver. There is long cables attached to the lights to enable you to easily run them down the back of kitchen units, or over cabinets. For installing led strip lights we also provide connectors so you can cut the strips to size and re-connect with ease. We also offer extension cables for the drivers and lights that fit into our entire range.

IL900 extension cable for drivers and led lighting

IL901 strip light mini cut connector for Aurora strip lights

IL902 strip light corner connector for Aurora strip lights

Easy Connection On All Our Products

Connect all our products to our drivers with ease...

...Using our junction ports...

...with compatible quick connection cables on the end of each product.

24V Led Lighting

24V Led lighting is much brighter than 12V lighting. It is increasingly becoming common with task lighting like under cabinet lighting, or strip lights. This is because it shines the leds further than the dimmer 12V alternatives. 24v leds are particularly popular across longer strip light projects over 4-6 meters. This is because any longer than this, will result in a voltage drop and subsequently a drop in the brightness of the led lighting. A higher voltage led lighting carries the current more effectively. 

Be warned: Some led lighting companies offer high wattage lighting at 12V, this is not enough to carry the current and create the brightness of the lighting, so 24V is always of much better quality and standards to ensure the desired effect for your kitchen or bedroom. All high wattage and high brightness led lighting should be 24V.

Aurora 24v led strip lights is a full brightness light. It can be cut at 50mm intervals for the desired length and connected every meter using a mini connector. So you can connect upto 6 meters together to 1 x 60W driver. The led strip light is 9.6W per meter so is highly effective in task lighting or under cabinet lighting in your kitchen.

Click below for our Aurora strip light product information sheet

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